After several years of testing and design changes, Haynes Commercial Products, LLC has designed the ultimate dumper for practially all mail processing operations. 

  • The LD-4000XD was designed to be portable and dump all mail processing containers except the BMC OTRs. 
  • The LD-4000XD also dumps pallets and cardboard boxes.
  • The LD-4000XD has been tested and Proven in several mail processing facilities.
  • The LD-4000XD can replace antiquated dumpers that are limited to the type of container they dump.
  • The LD-4000XD is mobile and can be easily moved from one operation to another.

This unit dumps the following types of equipment:

GPMCs 4' cardboard boxes
APCs BMC wire containers
Pallets 1046 hampers
7' cardboard boxes 1033 hampers (2 at a time)
WEST-PAK containers  


The LD-4000XD will dump up to 4000 lbs safely.

  • Runs on dedicated 110V VOH power source with 30 amp breakers requireding no high voltage power source.
  • Unit shuts off automatically when not being utalized.
  • Uses practially no power when lowering unit after dumping mail.
  • The LD-4000XD will save on electrical bills due to low power usage.
  • Dumps containers in less than 55 seconds.

Savings & Safety

The LD-4000XD eliminates the need to manually unload pallets and other mail processing containers. Almost immediately your operations will experience lower incidents of injuries due to bending and lifting. The LD-4000XD will dump mail as fast as it can be worked from belts and eliminates the need to have personnel at all belt dumping stations. Productivity will increase immediately once staffing is adjusted. Operations will see a reduction in work hours which will result in dollar savings and increased productivity and accident reduction.

The LD-4000XD comes with limit switches and photo sensors for safety.

General Info & Specs.

Cylinder 2-3" Dia x 20' stroke
Pivot Bearing McGill Pivot Bearing
Dump cycle 55 seconds
Moveability Portable or anchored
MFG Warranty 1 year; parts only

Electrical Systems

Enclosure Nema 12
Primary Voltage 110/208 single phase
Motor Siemens MTU 100 3 Transformer
Limit Switch Micro Switch/LS3 N.C.
Control Push button stations 2 button single contact
Sensor Sunx EQ-34

Hydraulic Systems

Pump 1.5 GPM pump mounted to motor
Valve Single acting dump valvue

Warranty - 1 year warranty, parts only or major repairs.

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